10 Ways to Keep Your Restaurant Customers Coming Back

10 Ways to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

If you cook it, they will come. In fact, if you cook it really nice, they will come back. In business, and especially in the food-service business, making the customer come back to your restaurant is the key to success. Restaurant marketing is really not how to attract customers (people after all are inherently food loving), but how to make the customers come back for seconds, thirds and so on?

And so here are 10 restaurant strategies to attract customers—and keep them coming back for more.

Good food, good service. Go old school and go basic. There’s nothing wrong with doing restaurant business the old-fashioned way: putting truly good food and good service on the menu. No amount of fancy restaurant strategies can beat that. It’s that simple.

No flash in the pan. The thing with coming up with good food and good service is that they need the right people with the right tools to happen. So instead of pressing into service that expensive marketing guru to spritz glitters on the company logo, invest first on seasoned and certified personnel and on the best kitchen equipment possible.

Who’s the chef? If the food is good, then the chef must be good—and worth meeting too. Meeting the chef is really great PR because it makes the customer feel that he or she is no longer just a customer but a guest. If a place makes you feel good, you will eat good.

The day’s special. Of course, feeling that you’re someone special makes for a great dining experience. One way to do that is to treat your customer like he (or she) is a VIP: give him the big hello (and greet him by his first name if you happen to know it); treat him to a free appetizer, maybe some dessert, too; chat with him for a while (but make it really brief) and give him your personalized business card; offer the day’s special.

I’ll be back. Get feedback from your customer, via a suggestion box for instance. Make sure to mine the feedback you get, whether it’s complimentary or not, for ways to improve the quality of your food and service.

Send emails. Or tweets. Get your customers’ contact info and use that to invite them to your restaurant’s special events (a live band performance, perhaps) or promos. Great for spreading customer love.

Vamos Rafa! Well, if you’re not into tennis you can always sponsor the local high school baseball team. Emblazon their uniforms with your logo and get great advertising mileage for your burritos. Good for attracting new customers, better for retaining repeats. Go Catamounts!

Send out a PR. Make time to send out a press release to the local paper from time to time. Make sure that your PR is newsworthy; it should, for example, announce an event you’re hosting or a charity that you’re donating to or a cause that you’re supporting.

Go social. In this day and age, there’s no escaping social media. Use it. Get on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. and start posting pictures of your Special of the Week or of the celeb who dropped by your restaurant today.

Go social advertising. Now, since you’re already on social media why not level up and do Facebook advertising and/or Twitter advertising? They’re easy to do, they’re inexpensive, they they’re fun.

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