5 Best Practices for Bartenders in Nebraska

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As a professional bartender in Nebraska, you need to learn how to be a diplomat and people friendly at the same time. In addition, you have to act as the ambassador for your business and be an efficient worker as well. That being said, here are 5 best practices that every aspiring barkeep needs to keep the drinks flowing:

…you have to act as the ambassador for your business and be an efficient worker as well.
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  1. Follow state regulations. Each state has its own regulations for businesses or food establishments that serve and sell alcohol on-premise. For instance the MLCC (Michigan Liquor Control Commission) makes alcohol server training mandatory in the state. If you are serious about working as a bartender in your state, maintain a blank criminal record by getting a state-appropriate license first. The training you will undergo for the exam will teach you the tricks of the trade in your area.
  1. Maintain a friendly tone. As a bartender you will be talking to guests almost through your entire shift. During that time, you will come across people who you don’t agree with or who will be difficult to handle. However, as a professional, you need to keep calm at all times and polite. Leave personal problems at the door and keep stress at bay by dealing with difficult patrons rationally. Maintaining a friendly façade for hours can lead to emotional distress if you don’t have the training to back it up. You cannot afford to have an off night when you are behind that counter since it will reduce sales and ruin the bar’s reputation.
  1. Don’t run after tips. While tips can help you earn more than you currently earn as bartender, you cannot fixate on it at the cost of your reputation. Generally, $1 per drink is the accepted amount but the more your customers drink, the more money you can make in tips. A sour disposition over poor tippers will reflect on your demeanor which may influence other patrons negatively. One of the things you can do to prevent this is by treating all patrons equally. Playing favorites with certain customers just because they tip more will make you lose other patrons. Customers notice when they are being ignored in favor of another. Pay attention to both sides of the bar to treat each patron equally irrespective of their tip amount.
  1. Read the room. By reading the room we mean scanning customers as they come into the bar. This will help you determine how you should act before they even get to the counter. The skill is usually learned on the job since it isn’t a tangible asset. For example, if you get a bachelorette party, you have to maintain decorum and refrain from joining in the fun. However, that doesn’t mean you can remain stoic indefinitely. The key to good customer service in bartending is to keep the conversation and drink flowing. Similarly, if you get business people as patrons, you will need to tailor your approach accordingly. This will involve reading and analyzing facial expressions and drinking habits which can only come with experience. So if you are new to the profession, you need to train yourself by observing experienced senior bartenders work the counter.
  1. Thank your patrons. A polite thank you goes a long way in customer service and especially in today’s bar experience. These words can mean the world to your patrons and will make your service stand out. Use it as a parting phrase after serving them or ‘have a great night’ as they are leaving the bar. Both will stay with them till they need their next drink and which will bring them back to your establishment. The last impression you make on them will remain with your customers which is only good for business down the line.

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