5 High Tech Tactics You Can Implement in Your Restaurant

The restaurant industry continues to grow and surprise the economy year in and year out. In fact, the industry’s revenue is now expected to reach well over a billion dollars this season. For many of these establishments, success can be traced back to their decision to implement modern technology.

Today, it’s hard not to notice the influence that technology has on the industry: customers are now able to sign their credit card bills on touch screens, while apps allow customers to order food using their smartphones. There’s so much more, of course, like these 5 high-tech restaurant equipment that are known to boost productivity and profitability.

Biodiesel converters

Before vehicles used petroleum, they ran on biodiesel. The company Springboard Biodiesel has invented automated processors that release biodiesel after you pour in vegetable or animal oil. Restaurants will enjoy reduced fuel costs and kitchen maintenance removal in just a single upgrade.

Touchscreen vendors

A lot of restaurants will benefit from this smart integration since it offers convenience for both the food place and its patrons. Also, touchscreen vendors may increase customer demand since many of them are eager to try any technology that will improve their day-to-day experience.

Webcam monitoring

Aside from being a cost-efficient security booster, webcams double as an effective monitoring and tracking device for any establishment. Food Safety managers will surely have a much easier time observing the crew’s behavior and compliance with regards to food handling guidelines and house rules.

LED alert systems

Warning devices now possess expansive features that makes them perfect for security and kitchen management. For one, alarms can help busy kitchens manage activities that are time-sensitive. Thus, increasing the productivity of the entire crew.

Microwave oven

Now, while microwave ovens have been around for quite some time, the recent versions of the equipment provide food handlers with more options when it comes to fast cooking as well as heating of numerous dishes. Additionally, a research has also indicated that vegetables tend to retain more nutrients when cooked in a microwave oven. Even if they’re not used as much as other appliances, having a microwave around can be very helpful during food preparation.


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