5 Tips to Make Food Purchasing a Snap

5 Tips to Make Food Purchasing a Snap

In the restaurant business, investing in food products is by far one of the more challenging aspects.  The number one priority in every situation should be avoiding waste, but there are also price and quality considerations that come into play. The threat of damage or financial loss is the greatest when a restaurant purchases groceries and other food material. This blog deals with five tips that will help you make the right purchase as often as possible.

1. Buy quality at the best price
This is the one of the hardest decisions to make as a manager, where does quality give in to lower price? The right decision is to buy quality but at the best prices. If either is compromised, your business will suffer a loss.

2. Buy what you need but no more

This point is a no-brainer. However, it is important and deserves to be emphasized. There are multiple reasons as to why you shouldn’t keep food products and raw material in large quantities. It is because,

  • There’s a greater risk of spoilage.
  • You will either have to sell the product at a discount or it will be wasted.
  • You will more than likely leave other, fresher products neglected. This will result in improper rotation and wastage of other products also.
  • Detection will be difficult. Storage will be difficult. Theft will be easy.

3. Only experiment after proper research

Sometimes, you might be tempted to buy a new food product to experiment with your customers. However, without proper research and survey, it will be a risk to add something abruptly on your menu. Therefore, do not buy any product just because it appeals to you or because you want a change without the approval of your customers.

4. Organize your grocery list

Make a list before you send it to your vendor and make sure that you get a receipt. The lists will also help to verify that all products are delivered and on time. Do not accept late deliveries or any food that is damaged. Verify the prices on products with the prices you’ve paid. Talk to your vendor in case of confusion.

5. Use a Food service scale

Purchase a food service floor scale to verify the amount that is delivered equals the amount you’ve ordered. While most vendors are honest, mistakes can happen. And moreover, it is your responsibility to be aware of what is ordered, delivered and at what time, what price.  To make food deliveries consistent, designate someone to take care of deliveries so that no product is left unchecked while the manager is busy.

Making just a few small changes can ensure that loss is kept to a minimum. Simple and organized procedures can help in making food purchases a snap. In addition, having a Food Handler professional in your restaurant will help food purchasing secure. Make sure that employees are certified on food handling. Enroll in Learn2serve’s Food Handler Training and Certification today.

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