5 Tips to Strengthen Your Drink Service

5 Tips to Strengthen Your Drink Service

The alcohol service industry can be highly competitive and it’s important to make sure that your bar proves better than the competition.  You must constantly search for new ways to keep your bar relevant and in demand. Here are five tips to strengthen your drink service so that your bar can continue to prosper.

Excellent and Efficient Service

The quickest way to lose a customer is by making them wait a long time to get a drink and offering poor beverage service. Be sure to acknowledge people as they step up to the bar, letting them know that you’ll get to them as soon as possible. Although you want to move quickly, listening to the customer’s requests when you’re making another customer’s drink goes a long way. If a customer doesn’t receive a drink to their liking, they could choose not to tip, choose a different bartender, or choose to leave. All of which can be bad for business. This can be done through the proper alcohol service training program.

Have a Clear and Appealing Menu

People are often creatures of habit, so sticking to what they know is common. If you provide your customers with a menu that shows a variety of options that sound amazing, they’ll be more likely to branch out and try new things. Without a menu to guide them, your customers will be eating up a lot of time playing the guessing game, hoping that you can serve them something that they’d want to drink. It’s also important to include prices on those menus. If a customer orders a drink and didn’t realize how expensive it was, it could influence your tip.

Delicious Themed Drinks

If your bar or restaurant has a theme, it would be a great idea to add drink choices that fit into that theme on the menu. Creating signature cocktails is a big deal to customers because they feel as though they’re getting the full experience of the bar, so the essence of the bar must be represented in those signature cocktails. Make sure to find the perfect recipes for your drinks that will keep your guests coming back. Depending on the person’s taste, the drinks should not be too strong or too weak, too sweet or too bland. Offering a variety of drinks will help you and the customer select a drink that’s appropriate for them.

Friendly Bartenders

Customers often go to bars specifically to be serviced by their favorite bartender. Be sure to be friendly with your customers and not to treat them as if they’re wasting your time. After all, these customers are the ones that will be tipping you and they’ll be much more generous if they feel welcomed. Looking professional and engaging in conversation while making drinks will also greatly increase the amount of money that you can make. Everything that you do must be with the intention to engage your customers and make them feel like they’re participating in the drink service experience.

Overall Atmosphere of the Bar

In general, your bar needs to feel lively and exciting. Invest in the proper music and lighting can drastically change the overall feel of the bar. If the space is too dark or the music’s too loud, it can be a turnoff for some customers. Themed bars will draw in people that are looking for an experience that they can’t get anywhere else, so the theme must be consistent. For example, if you walk into a bar that’s modeled after a speakeasy during prohibition, that should be apparent in every detail of the bar. Bartender’s outfits, music, and decorations from that era will make customers feel like they stepped into a different world. That wow-factor will make them come back and potentially bring friends with.

Every bar has that special something that keeps people coming back for more. Always listen to the feedback your clients provide because it’ll help you understand why your bar is performing the way it is. It’s important to highlight the features that make your bar special and address any issues that could be bringing it down.

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