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Total Produce, Europe’s Largest Produce Provider, is Fixing to Buy 45% of Dole Food Co. If the deal follows through, Total Produce will be able to acquire an additional 6% of Dole Food Co. stock within two years and potentially… Continue Reading

Best Bars and Nightclubs in California

The nightlife in California is one of the most active and sought after in the entire country. Los Angeles alone, offers countless entertainment options, even after sundown. Whether it’s a quiet drink with someone special or partying the night away… Continue Reading

4 Traits of Good Food Safety Manager in New Mexico

New Mexico is home to some outstanding restaurants, not just because of its mouthwatering dishes, but also because of the incredible brand of service and strong commitment to food safety. The state also has its historically good location as a… Continue Reading

5 Best Practices for Bartenders in Michigan

Bartending is one of the most challenging and fast-paced job in the food industry. It’s an incredibly fun one, too, especially if you have a knack for being around people and has that warm presence that customers love from the… Continue Reading

Four Traits of a Good Food Safety Manager in Texas

  In general, the traits of a good food manager begin with excellent management and leadership skills. In addition to these skills, a good food manager must be knowledgeable of FDA and OSHA compliance regulations. Other traits include: Attention to… Continue Reading

Weekly Roundup: Food & Beverage – Jan. 26th | Learn2Serve.com Blog

Millenials Find Online Grocery Shopping to Save Them Money and Time According to IRI Worldwide research, 30% of millenials surveyed save money when they grocery shop online. And 55% prefer to online shop with in-store pickup because it provides convenience… Continue Reading

Friday Regulatory Roundup – Jan. 19th

“Somebody Feed Phil” is Netflix’s Next Foodie Show Brought to you by the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond, “Somebody Feed Phil” promises to not disappoint. 6 of the hottest foodie cities will be showcased on season one. Learn more about… Continue Reading

Comprehensive Guide to Bars and Nightclubs in Illinois

Are you always on the lookout for your next favorite bar? Great bars and nightclubs are more than just good booze. They have a unique atmosphere, décor, music, and amenities. They’re something to write home about, or Tweet about. Great… Continue Reading

Friday Regulatory Roundup – Jan. 12th

Romaine Lettuce E.Coli Outbreak Nearly 60 people have fallen ill and at least 2 have been killed since the outbreak effecting U.S. and Canada. Read more about the news here. Domino’s Pizza Remains One of the Best Retail Formats to… Continue Reading

Infographic – How To Better Manage Your Money Through Bartending

As a bartender, it’s hard to have a social life, budget, and save money when you work evenings and weekends and rely largely on cash tips. It’s great to always have cash, but it does tend to quickly slip through… Continue Reading

What You Should Know About Becoming a Bartender

Being a bartender may look like a cool, easy profession, but it’s not. It is fun and interesting, but it’s challenging and requires a specific set of skills. Tending bar is not just mixing drinks. It also involves social dynamics,… Continue Reading

Weekly Roundup: Food & Beverage – Jan. 5th | Learn2Serve.com Blog

So What Exactly is This Raw Water Trend? “Raw Water” is unfiltered, untreated, unsterilized spring water that has consumers demanding more. Learn more about Raw Water here. 2017’s Biggest Lessons Learned Integration is hard, big purchases means big payouts, Amazon… Continue Reading

Things Chefs Need To Know When Cooking For People with Allergies

  Chefs employed in restaurants, cafes, diners and as caterers face a common problem: serving people with allergies to food, beverages or food additives. Chefs need to know the types of food allergens they are most likely to encounter in… Continue Reading

The Rise of Foodborne Illnesses in the United States

Avoiding foodborne illnesses is one of the most important, if not the most important issue in a food safety professional’s work. If you stay informed on the number, severity, and different types of food poisoning cases breaking out across the… Continue Reading

The Importance of Food Allergy Training

A food allergy is an adverse reaction after eating, or even encountering, certain foods and ingredients. Given that approximately 1 in 20 people have a food allergy, it is important for food and beverage employees to understand how important it… Continue Reading

The Best Cities for Foodies

We all like food, but foodies are hard core. They take food seriously. They’re not content with average restaurants or merely adequate meals. Grocery shopping, cooking, and eating are entertainment, events to be savored, rituals to be explored. Choosing where… Continue Reading

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Food and Beverage Industry 2018 Trend Predictions See what the NPD Group is predicting as 2018’s biggest business and consumer trends for the fast-paced and evolving Food and Beverage industry. Read more about the predictions on this link. Arby’s is… Continue Reading

New TCSA Regulation: Keeping our Food Safe from Toxic Chemicals

Food safety is critical to everyone. The consumption of products containing chemicals or contaminants can result in minor health issues like digestive disturbances or major conditions that can precipitate long-term, perhaps life-threatening medical problems. Fortunately, food safety is an issue… Continue Reading

Common food allergy substitutes

Being allergic to any of the so-called “Big 8” or top 8 common food allergies is a real cause of frustration for some, especially those who love eating out or are looking to try new dishes overseas. To address such… Continue Reading

Weekly Roundup: Food & Beverage – Dec. 1st | Learn2Serve.com Blog

November 2- Constellation Brands Invests in Medical Marijuana Company Constellation Brands, Inc. announced in late October that they will invest in $2-billion Canadian medical marijuana company, Canopy Growth. Read more about this article here. November 3- Unilever Seeks Tazo to Help Grow… Continue Reading