Five Popular Drinks Every Bartender Should Know

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There’s a merry similarity between bowling and drinking: the more you knock down the better (and merrier) you get! Of course, there’s the not-so-happy hangover to deal with afterward, but that’s another story. America’s love affair with liquor is long-standing and widespread. According to the 2002 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, a full 54 percent of U.S. adults (21 years and over) drink an alcoholic beverage at least once every month, and 28 percent have at least five drinking days in a month. Those figures have held steady through the years, as the 2015 national survey recently revealed, even as strides across bar floors have wobbled and swayed.

So, what are the classic bartending drinks—plus the popular cocktails and the popular mixed drinks—that have kept bartenders busy and customer happy? Here are five of them.

Martini. Ah, the iconic 007 libation every bartender worth his cocktail shaker should know. The name purportedly derives from the vermouth manufacturer Martini, Sola & Co., though that’s disputed (soberly, mind you) by many connoisseurs. What’s not disputed is it should be stirred not shaken, contrary to 007’s famous recommendation. Pour vermouth first, then the vodka or gin. Shake only if the fellow’s name across the counter is Bond, James Bond.

Margarita. A classic cocktail of tequila, triple sec (an orange-flavored liqueur), and lime juice served with a tantalizing line of salt on the rim of your glass. This is another popular drink with an uncertain origin, though all candidate theories share a Mexican flavor. Numero uno choice for those sultry summer afternoons: a lazy collection of three basic ingredients in equal proportions on ice does the trick fantastique.

Manhattan. Vermouth-flavored like a martini, a Manhattan is mixed in the delightful 2-1-2 ratio that echoes New York City’s area code. That’s 2 oz whiskey (rye), 1 oz sweet vermouth, 2 oz bitters. No fun this old cocktail (it goes back to the 1860s, according one account) without the big Maraschino cherry.

Mai Tai. Its name sounds like it’s an import from Southeast Asia, but this cocktail’s from the old U.S. of A. It’s a happy mix of rum, Curaçao liqueur, orgeat syrup (a syrupy concoction based on almonds, sugar, and rose water) and lime juice. The word maita-i is Tahitian for good, which this tiki drink truly is.

Piña Colada. This sweet cocktail is even older than the venerable Manhattan, with one claim placing its debut in the fiesta years of the early 1800s in Puerto Rico. It’s a true tropical drink: its name proclaims as much (piña is pineapple in Spanish) and its ingredients testify to that (1-1/4 oz white rum, 2 oz pineapple juice, 2 oz coconut cream). No self-respecting backyard BBQ should be without it.

When serving any of these delightful drinks the bartender, of course, should always be on the lookout for telltale signs of intoxication in his customers to keep them from harm and to protect his establishment from legal liabilities. He should be able to do just that if he’s properly trained. Alcohol training is quick and easy to take online at Enroll today!

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