Frequently Asked Questions about Arizona Liquor Law

Frequently Asked Questions about Arizona Liquor Law

Arizona liquor law encompasses the rules and regulates adhering to which liquor need to be sold in the state of Arizona. Knowledge of obtaining a liquor license in Arizona and the type of Arizona liquor license available is quite important. It is beneficial for liquor sellers and consumers to know the laws beforehand, so they can sell and buy alcohol accordingly. Some important questions which are frequently asked by people in Arizona are listed below:

Qualification and Licensing
For an owner of a bar or liquor shop, it is important to know about the licensing procedure.

How much time it takes to process a license after application has been made?
It takes 65-105 days for license to be processed.

How far must I be from a church or school?
Your shop needs to be at least 300 feet away from a school or church, in order to obtain a license.

Is it necessary that licensees and their employees attend an alcohol management/liquor law program?
It is not mandatory to attend a program; however, it is required for managers and people responsible for day to day operation to attend a basic and management training class.

Serving Hours
A manager should know about the hours during which alcohol can be served to consumers.
During what hours may liquor be served?
Liquor may not be sold at an on-sale or off-sale retail licensed premises between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.

Can liquor be served on Election Day?
Yes, it can be served on election days.
Can a restaurant with an Arizona liquor license decide when to stop serving food and continue serving liquor?
No. The kitchen must remain open for complete food service until 10:00 p.m.

Liquor and Age of the Consumer
A liquor vendor should only serve to a consumer if he is above the legal age for drinking.

How old one should be to legally drink liquor in the State of Arizona?
A person should be at least 21 years old to legally consume alcohol in Arizona.

Are kids allowed in a bar?
Yes, if kids who are under the legal drinking age are accompanied by a spouse, parent, or legal guardian of legal drinking age. An on-duty employee of the licensee is also allowed in a bar.

Are underage people allowed to drink alcoholic beverages when accompanied by a parent or guardian?
No, a person who is under the age of 21 years old is not allowed to drink alcohol regardless of the company.

Identification Requirements
All bars are required to check the age of an alcohol drinker by asking them to produce a valid identification.

Is it legal for a customer to be on a licensed premise without proper identification?
Yes, it is legal. However, when asked by the establishment to show proper I.D., the customer should be able to produce the valid identification before getting served.

Which documents are accepted as identifications?
The following are the accepted identifications that can be produced by an alcohol consumer upon request:

1. An unexpired driver’s license, identification card from any state or Canada provided it includes a picture of the licensee, and birth date.

2. An unexpired armed forces identification card provided it includes a picture of the licensee, and birth date

3. An unexpired passport, passport card, or resident alien card provided it includes a picture of the licensee, and birth date.

Operations of a Bar
While operating a bar, anyone who has a liquor license in Arizona should pay heed to the laws laid down by the state. Some of the frequently asked questions regarding this matter are listed below:

Is it required than an Arizona Liquor License holder buys all his alcohol from a wholesaler?

Does an act of violence need to be reported to the police?
An Arizona liquor license holder shall report an act of violence to either the department or a law enforcement agency.

Can an employee be liable for serving a heavily intoxicated person?
Yes. All employees of a bar should refrain from serving to a person who has already drunk too much. A bartender or any other employee serving alcohol could be named in a civil lawsuit should an accident result.



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