Funny Food Service Videos

Being in the food service industry requires passion, customer service, patience and lots of humor. Whether you’re starting as a food server or have established your career as a food manager, there are many valuable lessons that working in the industry imparts.

It’s a dynamic and fast-paced work environment where you’ll meet different types of people and be put into different situations every day. So take a little break and enjoy our compilation of funny food service videos!

Serving Mr. Bean

Would you be thrilled to serve this comedy classic? I would be, until he starts playing a tune with the glassware.

Invisible Driver

This prank has fast-food workers laughing, crying and confused when a car comes up the drive-thru counter with no one in it.

Dogs Dining in Style

Take two adorable dogs and put them in this quirky restaurant eating video and you’ll definitely have a smile on your face.

Bad Waiter

Have you ever encountered a bad waiter? Here’s a few funny depictions:

What a Feeling

Although this one’s not really funny but ultimately after a long shift, it’s time to reward yourself with some food feelings you can’t resist.


When you’re back at work, don’t forget that foodborne illnesses are never funny. Take a look at our food safety courses and alcohol seller – server training at Learn2Serve.

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