Passing Your Health Inspection. It’s All About the Details.

How to pass your Health Inspection

What is food safety management? When you leave the restaurant with a full stomach and a song in your heart (well, in a manner of speaking anyway) instead of heartburn, that’s the result of good food safety management.  But restaurant managers are also tasked with some very detailed duties as part of their health department requirements.  When inspectors come to visit, food safety managers need to have documents in order and employees following guidelines.  An attention to detail is not only helpful, it’s critical.

The person responsible for all this is, of course, the food safety manager. He or she is directly responsible for the day-to-day operation of the restaurant or food establishment. Following fundamental food safety practices, he or she needs makes sure that the staff prepares food according to regulations and that the kitchen operation is spotless.  What are the critical areas of a health inspection checklist?

  • Hygiene – Is there an illness policy in place? Are hand washing sinks stocked, accessible and are employees following procedure?  Are employees eating or smoking near where food is being prepared?
  • Protection from contamination – Is food protected from cross-contamination? Are contact surfaces cleaned and sanitized? Are wiping cloths stored in sanitizing solution? Are chemicals stored safely?
  • Time and temperature controls – Are potentially hazardous foods cooked and maintained at proper temperatures? Are thermometers calibrated and working properly? Is food properly dated and labeled?
  • Approved sources – Are products purchased from reputable commercial suppliers? Are products inspected for potential tempering prior to preparation and service?
  • Proper use of utensils and equipment – Are utensils and equipment properly stored and handled? Are the 3-compartment sink and dishwashing machine working and sanitizing?
  • Physical condition – Is there dust on light fixtures, equipment or ventilation ducts? Cracked or chipped paint? Only authorized persons in the food prep area?

Passing the health inspection is the first step in developing and maintaining a good reputation but also the first line of defense against food-borne illness.  It’s a good practice to make a health inspection checklist and make sure it is followed every day.

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