Bartender Tips for Creating Conversation that Keeps Guest Entertained

Recently, Sam Malone himself confessed to being disappointed in the reality of playing a bartender.  Why?  In preparation for the role, he learned tons of mixology and bottle tricks, and none of it mattered.  Instead, he spent most of his… Continue Reading

What Is Organic Food?

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How to Make More Money as a Server

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Top Visual Cues of Intoxication

As a bartender, pouring drinks and serving customers is only half the job. Bartenders also act as the eyes of the bar, and are responsible for reporting any behavior that may put the bar, or its customers, in a potentially… Continue Reading

Top Influential Women in Bartending

According to the Department of Labor, just under 60% of all bartenders in America are women. While women are currently dominating the bar scene, it’s important to know that this was not always the case. It’s taken a long time… Continue Reading

What is Blood Alcohol Concentration?

Blood alcohol concentration, commonly referred to as BAC, determines an individual’s level of intoxication. It’s a measure of the percentage of alcohol that exists in one’s blood and is shown as a ratio of alcohol to blood in the body.… Continue Reading

Smart Serving: When and How to Cut Customers Off

Most of us, if we’re being honest, have gone out for a fun night on the town and ended up having too much to drink. These nights often lead to nothing more than a painful headache and some embarrassing stories… Continue Reading

5 Ways to Spot a Fake ID

If you work on a bar, then you’re likely aware of the dangers of serving alcohol to minors. Unfortunately, spotting a fake ID can be a lot harder than you think, especially since criminals and tech-savvy teenagers have access to… Continue Reading

How to Be a Good Waiter: 5 Easy Tips

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How to Become a Bartender in Indiana

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Fine Dining Service Tips for Waiters

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How to Get a Bartending License: A Beginner’s Guide

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Food Safety in Restaurants and Its Importance

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) protects public health by ensuring the safety of drugs, medical devices, cosmetics, and food supply around the country. As a restaurant owner, you don’t want to get on their bad side as you may… Continue Reading

Keeping a High Level of Food Safety Awareness in Food Establishments

Hygienic handling of food is the key to cost-effective and safe food handling practices. It can go a long way in preventing deadly foodborne illnesses which the young, the elderly, and anyone with a weak immune system are susceptible to.… Continue Reading

Think You’re Cut Out For Doing Texas UST Training? Take This Quiz

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The Difference Between ATAP and TIPS

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5 Best Practices for Bartenders in Nebraska

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5 Best Practices for Bartenders in Colorado

Contrary to popular belief, even veteran bartenders don’t remember every drink known to man. However, the difference between them and a novice is that they will never admit it. Instead, they will say they are aware of several ways to… Continue Reading

Food and Beverage Round-Up: March 9, 2018

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Weekly Roundup: Food & Beverage – Feb. 9th | Blog

Total Produce, Europe’s Largest Produce Provider, is Fixing to Buy 45% of Dole Food Co. If the deal follows through, Total Produce will be able to acquire an additional 6% of Dole Food Co. stock within two years and potentially… Continue Reading