The Food Industry in Focus for 2016 and Beyond

2016 food industry in review

Is food safety being sacrificed in favor of increased output? The short answer is: nope. The long answer is: nope, but food safety trends show more reasons to expand the definition of food safety as food and beverage production rates continue to increase year after year.

Food and beverage trends in 2016 reveal that the plate is really not full. Although there’s a big buzz about burgeoning product demands, the figures show more modest differences in total production over the past two years.  According to the 2016 Food Packaging Trends and Advances report last March, the U.S. food industry will grow by 2.9 percent through 2022.

Amid the food industry’s excitement over this year’s upward sales trajectory, food safety is evolving into a strong determinant in food purchases. In other words, consumers now want to be assured that the corndog they purchase is in fact all corndog.

In the recent Food Value Equation Survey conducted by Deloitte Consulting LLP involving 5,000 respondents across the U.S., concern for pathogen-and-toxin-free food was a top priority when buying food. What was unexpected was the evolving attitude among consumers toward food safety.

The survey revealed that besides safe food, 51 percent of the respondents wanted clear and accurate labeling on food items as part of food safety. In addition, 47 percent wanted understandable information on ingredients and sourcing, 42 percent wanted fewer ingredients (that is, no artificial ingredients), and less processing, and 41 percent wanted information on the nutritional content of the food they are buying.

The growing vigilance of consumers over food safety issues indicates that the burden of food safety is now squarely on the shoulders of food and beverage processors, restaurants, and other food establishments.



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