Farm to Fork: How to Take Your Restaurant Local

“Farm to Fork” is no longer a trend, it’s here to stay. Consumers continue to want to know where their food comes from and restaurants are listening. This Farm to Fork movement is all about restaurants using ingredients from local… Continue Reading

Why is there a Rise in Alcohol Use among Wisconsin Senior Citizens?

Many adults drink regularly with few problems, but when they’re over 60 drinking the same way they used to can lead to serious problems. There are nearly 8 million alcoholics in the U.S., and an increasing number of them are… Continue Reading

5 Simple Tips to make Food Purchasing Efficient

One of the most challenging aspects of the restaurant business is purchasing the right food products necessary to create the best dishes possible for your guests. The biggest priority with food in every situation and at every station in the… Continue Reading

National Breakfast Month: Top 5 Californian Breakfasts You Should Not Miss

California grows nearly half of U.S. vegetables, fruits, and nuts.  Almonds, apples, avocados, carrots, grapes, lettuce, oranges, strawberries, and tomatoes are particularly abundant. In celebration of National Breakfast Month, try some mouth-watering breakfasts packed with bright, healthy fruits and vegetables.… Continue Reading

Learn from the Experts: The Best Wine for Your Meals

“So, what wine would pair well with this dish?” That’s a question servers will inevitably get if they work in an establishment with a wine list. You don’t want to be left dumbstruck. You don’t have to be an expert,… Continue Reading

The Big 2: Listeria and Salmonella

Today’s automated and mass-producing generation, for the most part, has given us some very cool things to celebrate. Technology advancements, for one, have made food processing and inventory management a lot easier and more efficient for manufacturers. Unfortunately, proper hygiene… Continue Reading

6 Food Safety Practices for Food Processing

There were over 700 food recalls in 2016. Poor sanitation and production methods at food processing facilities can spread salmonella, E. coli, and listeria, cause many outbreaks, and lead to the recall of millions of pounds of food. Regulators and… Continue Reading

Food Ordering Tactics to Combat High Food Costs

Running a small business in itself is no easy task. Operating a restaurant, however, is another story. It requires a hands on approach, since many of the variables that make a food place successful can be unpredictable and extremely hard… Continue Reading

Five Great Ways to Enjoy National Panini Month

The panini is one of the most universally loved sandwiches of all time. In fact, there’s even a whole month dedicated to celebrating this classic Italian treat. And, since August is National Panini Month, we came up with these five… Continue Reading

What is Gluten-Free Food?

People with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, or wheat allergy cannot eat foods containing gluten without experiencing negative effects. Sufferers are advised to stick to a gluten-free diet. As awareness of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity have increased in recent years,… Continue Reading

Serving with Safety: How to Avoid Intoxicated Customers

Tipsy customers can bring out all kinds of bad behavior, along with some very awkward moments. The restaurant’s first line of defense will always be the staff; especially the bartender. Nobody wants an out of control drunk patron on premise.… Continue Reading

International Bacon Day is Coming! Let’s Get Ready!

International Bacon Day is September 2nd and it’s fast approaching. If you’re learning this for the first time, yes, it’s definitely real. The world loves bacon, silly. In fact, it’s probably the most important food holiday that we know of.… Continue Reading

Going “Clean” on your Menu? Here’s 5 Tips!

There have been a lot of talk about organic eating over the last decade or so. It’s no wonder why organic food, organic farming, and organic restaurants have skyrocketed in popularity over that same period. As consumers become more aware… Continue Reading

7 Worst Food Recalls in the US

When we buy food and prepare and eat meals, we’re trusting that processes and regulators have done all they can to ensure the products are safe. It’s scary to think about the fact that massive recalls of millions of pounds… Continue Reading

How to Keep Accounting Records for a Small Restaurant

Small business owners have a lot on their plates. This goes double for restaurant owners who don many hats while juggling a variety of responsibilities and challenges. You have to get a handle on the financials and keep up, or… Continue Reading

Food Safety Checklist for Any Health Inspection

Occasionally, local and national businesses that sell food to or process it for the public are in the news when consumers fall ill to tainted food. With proper training in food safety, food service managers or those who aspire to… Continue Reading

Are You in Compliance with New Labeling Guidelines?

    Knowing how many calories are in your food and being able to answer questions related to your food’s nutritional information is an extremely important part of effectively managing your restaurant. As you may or may not be aware,… Continue Reading

Culinary Arts Month is Here! Celebrate Your Inner Foodie with 5 Easy Recipes!

Food brings people together. Anyone can be a foodie, especially when they are going to enjoy something delicious and interesting. Culinary arts month is here, why not invite a group of people over and wow them with your skills as… Continue Reading

10 Drink Recipes for the Dog Days of Summer

  It’s summer, and any alcohol server knows there’s nothing people like better than a stiff drink to beat the heat. Nowadays, the alcohol seller is doing big business with liquors infused with the flavors of oranges, apples, cherries and… Continue Reading

Celebrate National Picnic Month by Keeping Food Safe!

National Picnic Month is upon us, and that means millions of people will be enjoying the beautiful summer weather with picnics in the sunshine. Unfortunately, some of those picnickers will receive some uninvited guests other than the ants. Microbes like… Continue Reading