Keeping Ahead of the Restaurant HR Curve

Any restaurant or bar manager will tell you: it’s a dog-eat-dog world in the Food and Beverage Industry. Fluctuating supplies, grouchy customers, never-ending messes and constant HR challenges.  Owning or operating a food and beverage establishment is a demanding, time-consuming… Continue Reading

Food and Beverage Industry Outlook for 2017

Annual food and beverage trends tend to be like pizza: essentially the same every year with one or two new spices. However, with a new administration in the White House, the food industry outlook (and that goes for the beverage… Continue Reading

Dining Out SXSW Style

The 31st annual SXSW (South by Southwest Conference) is officially underway here in Austin, Texas and we’re happy to host the world’s leading music, film and interactive event. Each year, over 51,000 people converge on Austin to attend the conference… Continue Reading

5 Things to Know About Serving Wine

I like my wine like my women—ready to pass out. The late inimitable Robin Williams naturally was joking when he said those words, but passing out wine to customers does indeed need a certain flair as wine serving has a quality… Continue Reading

Five Popular Drinks Every Bartender Should Know

There’s a merry similarity between bowling and drinking: the more you knock down the better (and merrier) you get! Of course, there’s the not-so-happy hangover to deal with afterward, but that’s another story. America’s love affair with liquor is long-standing… Continue Reading

5 Rigorous Food Receiving Habits that Save Money!

No matter how well kept the links in the food safety chain are, there’s always a weak link (or links) somewhere. For instance, if food handling at the restaurant is not up to snuff with food safety practices, you can… Continue Reading

Accept or Reject? Five Critical Steps to Receiving Food Deliveries

Good food safety management begins where food delivery ends—at the delivery bay. Many things can and do happen along the miles between the supplier’s gates and the restaurant’s doorsteps: the food items could get contaminated because they were improperly sealed… Continue Reading

Got Gluten Free? 5 Easy Menu Ideas

First off, what in heaven’s name is gluten? The short answer: It’s a group of proteins commonly found in many foods but especially those made of wheat, barley, rye or triticale (a grain similar to wheat). The long answer: Gluten… Continue Reading

Buzzed or Drunk? How the Pros Can Tell

Buzzed or over-boozed? Just dizzy or plain drunk? The guy in the Hawaiian shirt loudly boasting about his weekend could be drunk or just overly noisy. The girl in the yellow dress who can hardly walk could be plastered or… Continue Reading

Why Focus on Allergens Is More Important than Ever

A skin rash minutes after drinking milk? Vomiting after dining on shellfish? Breathing difficulties after snacking on peanuts? Get to the hospital quick! You could be having a food-allergy attack. Food allergies are generally mild but in rare instances can… Continue Reading

5 Food Safety Tips for a Healthier Kitchen

  Beyond practicing safety food handling in the kitchen and keeping tabs on expiration dates, your kitchen can be an even healthier place for preparing and cooking safe, healthy food by observing these five basic food safety tips: Clean hands.… Continue Reading

Passing Your Health Inspection. It’s All About the Details.

What is food safety management? When you leave the restaurant with a full stomach and a song in your heart (well, in a manner of speaking anyway) instead of heartburn, that’s the result of good food safety management.  But restaurant… Continue Reading

The Efficient Kitchen: How to Get a Handle on Food Waste

Food, food everywhere and not a beet to eat. That’s what happens when food ultimately ends up in the trash because there was too much of it or it was going to go bad before it could be sold. The… Continue Reading

10 Ways to Keep Your Restaurant Customers Coming Back

If you cook it, they will come. In fact, if you cook it really nice, they will come back. In business, and especially in the food-service business, making the customer come back to your restaurant is the key to success.… Continue Reading

5 Ways to Protect Yourself When Serving Alcohol

  To serve or not to serve? That is the question—could be a million dollar question if  that tipsy young woman you served a Long Island Ice Tea accidently steals the red Porsche in your parking lot and crashes into… Continue Reading

Are You Cut Out for Food Service?

If you cough without covering your mouth while dicing your veggies; if you prepare your quinoa salad without washing your hands first; if you set the table when you have a bad case of the sniffles; if your first resort… Continue Reading

Turning Customer Complaints into Actionable Data

    “Too much mayo, the pasta is overcooked, the silverware has spot, and service stinks!” Words to ruin any food service manager’s day since mayonnaise was invented and enough shade to take away the shine from a restaurant’s reputation.… Continue Reading

When a Few is Too Many: Recognizing the Effects of Alcohol

“One more for the road, Charlie!” For a barkeep, that either means a snappy pull on the tap for the thirsty customer or a quick but diplomatic demurrer: “Next time! And I’ll call you a cab.” But how will you… Continue Reading

Five Biggest Food Safety Stories of 2016

If you think there was a reduction in food safety issues in 2016, think again. The year was just as bad if not worse as the previous, with Listeria outbreaks hitting the headlines several times and corporate misdeeds making the… Continue Reading

Things to Remember When Dining Out

We all love meeting friends for drinks, taking our sweetheart out to dinner, or catching up with family over Sunday brunch.  The best part is, we don’t have to cook or clean up! Sometimes dining out at restaurants can pose… Continue Reading